Saturday, October 22, 2005

fishing report 10/22

Fishing report for October 22nd

84cfs. The flow has fluxuated somewhat due to small amounts of rain we
have been getting over the past week and half and water temperatures
beginning to cool now that the season on the upper river is beginning
wane. That doesn't mean fishing has gotten worse however, it's best to
focus your efforts in the latter part of the day rather than making a
early morning of it. Target your efforts on the faster moving water
that has seen less pressure than the deep pools. Small baetis patterns
such as pheasant tails, HDA favorites, and on top CDC biot

Rio Grande,
The Rio has been touch and go, the rain and lower water of the fall
have clashed to make for spectacular fishing one day and not so super
conditions the next. Flows at Toas Junction Bridge are 296cfs. Check
with the USGS site daily to see if fishing would be good. Similar
patterns as the Pecos are good to use here in conjunction with The
regular Rio patterns such as Cased Caddis, Wooly Buggers and other such
streamer patterns. The flows farther north at Cerro are, 122cfs,
should be similar here with more attention to larger insects, use
Double Hackle Peacocks, HDA Favorites, Hares Ears, large black Copper
Johns, Wooly Buggers, Muddlers, look for a afternoon to evening hatch
of smallish baetis mayflies. It's getting to be Pike season so keep
your eyes peeled. We've had reports of sightings and a few caught from
to state park all the way up to Big Arsenic. Come into the shop to get
the most up to date information and techniques to catch these amazing
game fish this winter.

Jemez Area,
The flows spiked incredibly high on the 19th and fish are beginning to
recover from this. Look for small grasshoppers on the warm sunny days
and a small amount of baetis to come off afternoon to late evening on
the smaller waters of the San Antonio or East Fork. We expect fishing
to pick up before the snow begins falling in the Los Alamos area.
Fishing on the Jemez stays good later in the season than other rivers,
such as the Pecos, due to the volcanic nature of the environment, keep
your eyes on this water.

The San Juan,
Running at 627cfs the flows are nearly perfect for large numbers of
baetis on cloudy days and even large number of midges in the upper
stretches on sunny days. This is a great time to be on the water with
the fall colors decorating the banks of this blue ribbon trout stream
there is little more you could ask for. All standard patterns should
work well, Black Beauties, Hatching Midges, Pheasant Tails, WD40's, and

As always keep in touch and don't hesitate to call for the most
up-to-date information.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fishing Report for October 12th 2005

Rio Grande flows; Cerro 134 csf, Taos Junction Bridge 271 csf.
Fishing has been good in the afternoon with good baetis hatches on
overcast days in and around Pilar.
Dry dropper has been working well. Best flies have been small Stimi's
16-20, Caddis 16-20 and Parachute Baetis 18-22 Submarine soft hackles
14,16, Pheasant tails 16-20. Pike fishing is picking up in the Gorge
with big streamers in Red/White.

Chama flows; Below El Vado 89 csf, Below Abiquiu 157 csf.
Fishing Below El Vado has been pretty good but water has been murky.
Best fished with streamers and big nymphs. Below Abiquiu is poor due to
water color.

Jemez river flows; 31 csf.
Low flows spooky fish. Best flies small Caddis, Adams with tiny
Droppers of Pheasant tails, Hare's ears.

Pecos river flows; 140 csf.
Fishings has been great with the higher flows. Best flies are
Tungsten Beaded Rubber Leg Copper Johns,
Pheasant Tails, Hare's ears all 16-22. Small Adams and Caddis.

San Juan Flows; 633 csf.
Fishing has been great with good flows though the river did blow out
once with the heavy rain. Good Baetis hatches in the afternoon. All the
standard flies are working.

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