Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stream Report for Saturday October 28, 2006


San Juan River      477 cfs below Navajo Dam    Good

The San Juan reportedly is continuing to fish well. Baetis hatches have been tapering off but midge hatches are still bringing some fish to the surface. Long line nymphing remains the most productive way to fish. Flies for the San Juan are RS2’s, Johnny flash in chocolate and grey, big bear emergers, small pheasant tails, red disco midges, red desert storms, black beauties, uv flash midge emergers, black midges, grasshoppers and blue wing olive dries.


Rio Grande       687 cfs at Pilar     Fair

The Rio Grande is murky, however a few fly fishers are catching fish. The summer rains were a constant source of silt entering the Rio and any change in flow stirs up the sediment. If we don’t get any more runoff from any precipitation, the Rio will fish a lot better in the coming weeks. Flies for the Rio Grande are black, brown or olive woolly buggers, autumn splendors, zoo cougars, conehead madonna’s, double hackle peacocks, poundmeisters, and blue wing olives. It’s also time to find Pike on a fly rod on the Rio.


The Cimarron River     43 cfs below Eagle Nest Dam    Good

The Cimarron is fishing very well . Flies for the Cimarron are blue winged olives, parachute baetis, griffith’s gnats, and black midges. I’ve had reports of break-ins along Highway 64, so be vigilant.


Pecos River   52cfs below Terrero       Good

The flows really haven’t come up on the Pecos and I suspect that the stream gauge is malfunctioning somewhat. Blue winged olives have been out in the afternoons but the hatch is waning. The best fishing is from 11 am until the sun leaves the water. Caddis larvae and pupa, small light bodied caddis dries, small pheasant tails, baetis emergers, parachute adams, parachute baetis, and cdc biot comparaduns have all produced recently. The Pecos was heavily stocked a week ago.


Jemez Mountain Streams     36 cfs on main stem Jemez above Jemez Pueblo    Fair

The Jemez steams are fishing well especially while the sun is on the water. Hoppers, crystal stimulators, black beetles, and parachute adams are some top fly choices. Forest road 376 is closed just at Gillman Tunnels, but is open on the top end off of NM 126.


The Chama River     227 cfs below El Vado Dam   FDair                and 170 cfs below Abiquiu Dam      Fair

The fishing was good below El Vado, but I’ve had no reports since the releases out of El Vado dam came up. Big nymphs like double hackle peacocks and had favorites and streamers like woolly buggers, zoo cougars, and autumn splendors work best here as the water may still be off color. The flows below Abiquiu are very fishable but, I’ve had no reports from there.


Santa Cruz, McAllister Lake, Morphy Lake, Charrette Lakes, and Maxwell Lake 13 all close on October 31st.


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