Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ed's Fly Fishing Report for Tuesday October 11, 2011

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San Juan River 547 cfs below Navajo Dam; Good
It looks like the release has been reduced to the winter (low) level around 500 cfs. The good news is that the blue winged olives are on the move nad the hatches are getting better. Use smaller flies especially near the dam as the water is clear. In the mornings, use a red midge larva as your point fly and trail a size #24-26 black or gray midge pupa like a UV flash midge emerger. As the afternoon progresses, change your flies to baetis, such as a gray or chocolate RS2 or foam wing emerger. The Special Trout Water section is all catch and release and has a two fly only rule. If you see someone in violation, turn them into Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263. Officers have been checking people for licenses, barbless flies, and the number of flies on your rig! File those barbs or go barbless, as the fines are steep!

Rio Costilla 7.4 cfs below Costilla Reservoir; Slow: Shuree Ponds; Slow to Fair
The release has lowered to near zero and unless you are fishing below the Valle Vidal boundary, the Costilla is done. Put this palce on your list for next summer when the Valle Vidal will reopen on July 1st.

Pecos River 58 cfs below Terrero; Good:
The river is fishing well and the water is clear even though we've been getting some rainfal somewhere over the Pecos watershed lately. If you see murky water down low, consider driving upriver to find clearer water. Use small flies during clear water and switch to a bigger more flashy fly if the water is murky. Blue winged olives are really the only dry fly game left on the Pecos. Nymphing with a dry dropper rig can end your slump if they aren't coming up on your dry fly. Try flashback pheasant tails, oops fly, or a tungsten micro mays. The first PUBLIC access is Dalton Day Use. I know we all want a place to fish, but don't be a poacher. Please respect the landowners along the Pecos and don't trespass. The Pecos National Historical Park's Fishing Program for the fall runs from through November 7th. The fall season Please see their website for the details at http://www.nps.gov/peco/index.htm and click on "2011 Fishing Program".

Rio Grande 231 cfs at Cerro; Slow: 382 cfs at Pilar; Slow for pike, Slow to Fair for trout, Fair to Good for smallmouth bass
I expect to see rising flows on the Rio as irrigators in Colorado finish the growing season. Trout still seem to prefer the faster aeriated water. Some of the best fly fishing on the Rio is for smallmouth bass on streamers. Cover the deeper slower runs for the bass. Pike hunt by feel. Large streamers that moves water will still get a pikes attention. Vary your retrieves and change up the color of your flies to see which ones trigger a bite.

Jemez Mountain Streams 21 cfs above Jemez Pueblo; Slow or Good, depending on the watershed.
The only water worth fishing is the Cebolla or the de las Vacas/Guadalupe watershed. Ash runoff from the Las Conchas fire has killed quite a lot of fish on the East Fork and Rio San Antonio, and the streambed is covered in it. The Valles Caldera National Preserve has closed the fishing program until next spring.

Cimarron River 12 cfs below Eagle Nest Dam; Good: 13 cfs at Cimarron
The release out of Eagle's Nest Dam has dropped significantly and is really not worth fishing at these low levels. Check the flows before you go. Releases below 25 cfs makes for slow fishing. If the release doesn't go back up, wait until spring next year to fly fish. Nearby over Bobcat Pass, the Red River all the way to Questa is fishing well.

The Chama River above the village of Chama; Fair to Good: 91 cfs below the town of Tierrra Amarilla; Slow to Fair: 202 cfs below El Vado Dam; Slow: and 132 cfs below Abiquiu Dam; Slow
The Chama below El Vado dam has the most consistent good fishing on the Chama as a whole. The stretch flowing downstream of the village of Chama into El Vado reservoir has come up with some recent rainfall. It may be murky, but should fish really well as it clears and might be some of the better fishing as we get into winter. The release out of El Vado is fishable. Big nymphs dead drifted and finished with a swing or stripping streamers is the way to go there. The stretch below Abiquiu Dam is fishing fairly well despite the water clarity. Expect the fishing to only get better when the water clears. The Chama River above El Vado and below Abiquiu are Special Trout Waters with reduced bag limits. The density of fish is very low there and is not stocked. Please report anyone over harvesting here to New Mexico Game and Fish at 1-800-432-4263.

In Southern Colorado:

Conejos River 128 cfs below Platoro Reservoir; Good: 225 cfs at Magote; Good
September 27, 2011. "Fall and all of the beauty that goes with it is here in force. Cool nights, colors on fire, clear cold water, and fish with all sorts of thoughts. Yesterday I had a guide trip that did half a day on the upper sections of Mogote CG and the other half at Rainbow Trout Ranch. (Yes if you want to fish it you can this fall with one of our guides) We caught a lot of fish and the fish at Mogote wanted stonefly nymphs and up higher most of the fish wanted a pink G String. There were a lot of fish in some of the deeper slower water up high down low seemed like there were fish hanging in some fast water. The other guides have had a chance to fish some and have all had stories of some pretty incredible days on the water. I took the family up to Kerr Lake this weekend for a family camping trip and got to fish some with my kids and had a great time. Felt for a while when the fish got on miniscule midges on the surface that I needed 8x tippet. I could see the 6x tippet sitting on the glassy water from 40’! The kids spent hours digging thru the rocks on the lakes edges catching tons of scuds and a very strange looking Tiger Salamander. Looked in my box for some scuds and of course nothing but the scuds were thick and olive in about a size #12. We will be tweaking our shop hours soon, October 1, closing at 5:30 and opening at 8:00. Sundays 8:00 to 12:00. The flows and weather seem to be more consistent now and each of the trips I have been going out on lately I have really looked forward to. Love the fall fishing and we seem to bring out a lot of good anglers to fish with in the fall and we get a chance to see some of the fish that spend the year under cutbanks but now have “other” things in mind and so I hope you get a chance to come out a few more times to get in some fishing. I also want to thank all of you for helping us in Mogote to Colorado to somehow have another great year. Thank you from all of us!" The preceeding report was provided by Jon Harp of the Conejos River Anglers.

Rio Grande 69 cfs at Thirty Mile bridge in Creede; Good: 290 cfs at Wagon Wheel Gap; Good
Dropping flows and a lower release have made the upper river from Creede to South Fork more wadable especially the box canyon above Creede. Fishing below South Fork has been a little more consistent, probably from having a warmer water temp. Baetis hatches have been sporadic but if you find one you'll see fish coming up to the surface.

Animas River 314 at Durango; Fair to Good
Dropping flows have made the Animas more fishable. Some baetis, but if your not finding the bugs, nymph the pockets or throw streamers.

Piedra River 281 cfs at Arboles; Good
The Piedra is fishing better with cooler water temps. Nymphs are better producers than dries on the lower river. The upper forks continue to fish well. Blue winged olives, nymphs and dries.

San Juan River 287 cfs in Pagosa Springs; Good
THe San Juan has also come up and is fishing well with some recent rainfall and cooler water. Upstream of Pagosa, check out the East Fork or Turkey or Four Mile for some dry fly fishing. The South Fork of the Rio Grande over Wolf Creek Pass is also fishing well. Blue winged olives are most prevalent.

Arkansas River 139 cfs at Granite; Good: 291 cfs at Salida; Good
Good fishing from Granite all the way to Swissvale. The canyons on either side of Buena Vista has good pocket water fishing. The broader sections of river around Salida and down into Bighorn Sheep Canyon offer easier wading. Fish move off on the banks and into the main channel mid-day. Tricos, blue winged olives, and midges are the bugs to choose.

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